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How Are Baby Boomer Divorces Different?

Divorcing later-in-life involves unique considerations. If you are a boomer facing divorce, it is paramount that you protect your retirement, assets and financial stability during and after divorce.

At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., we are an authority on baby boomer divorce in Pennsylvania. We put decades of experience to work for you with representation tailored to your needs. Whether you need a lawyer to strongly pursue a fair division of assets or want to work collaboratively to reach a resolution, we can help.

We protect your legal and financial rights with knowledge, compassion and experience.

We Know Baby Boomer Divorce. We Can Help.

A significant number of baby boomers are divorcing after 50. Boomers are the only age group in the U.S. in which the divorce rate is increasing.

Our attorneys frequently handle boomer divorces, and we can help you avoid legal pitfalls and properly plan for the future. While divorce is difficult at any age, the financial significance of divorcing at or near retirement requires careful planning to avoid significant negative financial consequences.

We have a breadth and depth of legal knowledge that only comes from experience. We can guide you on issues such as:

  • Dividing retirement accounts, including a 401(k), through a QDRO
  • Helping you to decide what to do with the marital home
  • Pursuing or contesting spousal support
  • Protecting your rights in second divorces
  • Many other legal issues

Because our law firm handles a variety of family-related legal issues, including bankruptcy and estate planning, you can get comprehensive representation on all legal matters affecting you in divorce. Most boomers need to revisit their estate plan after divorce, for example, and bankruptcy may be a consideration. At Rowe Law Offices, P.C., you can be confident you are addressing all of your legal needs during and after divorce.

We advocate for clients in Wyomissing, Lancaster, and other areas in Pennsylvania.

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