Legal Help With Child Support Conferences And Hearings

Rowe Law Offices, P.C., is a Pennsylvania family law firm dedicated to assisting you with all aspects of child support. One of the common questions our clients ask our attorneys is, "What happens at a child support conference or hearing?"

What you can expect at the support conference:

  1. After a support complaint or petition to modify is filed with Domestic Relations, both parents will receive an official order to attend a conference.
  2. You should bring all of your financial information (see below) to the conference.
  3. A conference officer will conduct the meeting. He or she will review all the information and use the current child support guidelines (effective April 1, 2018) to create a recommendation.
  4. We will negotiate the child support obligation and attempt to obtain a resolution.
  5. If both parents agree to the amount, the final support order will be signed by the parties and their counsel. If there is no agreement, the conference officer will enter the guideline amount as an interim order. You will receive a notice at the conference to appear before a support master. If you're the payer, you will be given the information you'll need to begin paying on your obligation.

What to expect at a support hearing:

  1. We present testimony under oath. The parent who filed the support complaint or modification petition goes first.
  2. We present any exhibits, including pay stubs, tax returns and other documentation to prove the case.
  3. Cross-examination will be conducted by both sides.
  4. This is an evidentiary proceeding, which is recorded and a record created. After this stage, the record is closed and no further testimony is taken.
  5. Following the hearing, the support master will issue a recommendation. If either party disagrees, the party must file exceptions.
  6. There will be a hearing on the exceptions and the judge will rule on the case.

What you should bring to a support hearing:

Both parents must bring several documents to the child support conference. These include:

  • Tax return from the previous year, including your W-2s
  • Pay stubs for the preceding six months
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Company benefits information
  • Business records (if self-employed)
  • Records of unemployment benefits, workers' compensation benefits or pension benefits (if applicable)
  • Proof that you've filed for disability and veterans benefits, if applicable
  • The completed income and expense statement sent by the court

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